1 thought on “Colour me surprised: effects of Sugar Tax exactly as predicted”

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    Everyone seems to be forgetting the toxic, brain damaging effects of artificially sweetened drinks and that none of the sweeteners have been tested for toxicity when used in combination with each other. I have had experience of Parkinsons shakes from drinking Fanta with Aspartame and AcesulfameK. Once I quit it and moved to a drink containing only sugar the tremors eventually went away, only to return when my chosen replacement (R.Whites Lemonade) changed its recipe to contain artificial sweeteners. I changed again to Sainsbury’s Lemonade and my shudders have been gone since. Now Sainsbury’s have doubled the price from £1 for a 2L bottle to £1 for 1L bottle, a 52% increase from Sainsbury’s and the rest the Sugar Tax.
    I don’t want to drink artificial sweeteners and end up brain damaged. If the rest of the population are stupid enough to drink that crap then that is their look out, but my choice is slowly being eroded. Getting an additive free squash is almost impossible!
    I am seriously looking into building my own mini bottling plant to make my own drinks, and as sugary as I like.

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