4 thoughts on “Classical liberalism and the geopolitical stand-off with Russia”

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    The old maxim, In times of peace prepare for war, still stands, as much as the political classes have tried to decimate the UK’s military capabilities.

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    What drivel. NATO expansion, a thing they expressly promised not to do upon the collapse of the USSR, has jeopardized peace in the region. Crimeans massively voted to become part of the RF as they saw actual Nazis taking govt positions in Kiev and watched their own people burned to death in Mariopul.
    The RF has the right to defend itself from aggressive NATO expansion.

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    Kosovo is Serbian or not? Your precedent.

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    The Ukraine constitution does not grant its citizens the right to bear arms or form well-regulated militia. A right which if granted would quickly make the places where Ukrainians live impossible to subdue.
    Most NATO members don’t allow their citizens this either.
    It’s difficult to make a case that classical liberalism is operating here with so many governments not trusting their own people, and wanting some sort of balance in international tensions when local solutions are available. Imv of course.

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