Julian Jessop comments in Sky News

On the back of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell's proposal to expand ownership, Chief Economist Julian Jessop offers his thoughts on Sky News. Mr McDonnell's plan demands that firms listed in the UK who employ over 250 people create inclusive ownership funds. Julian commented: "If it costs nothing to boost workers incomes by £500 in this ... Continue reading

Len Shackleton speaks to WikiTRIBUNE

Following last week's Trade Union Congress, Len Shackleton talks to WikiTRIBUNE alongside Cary Cooper about the proposals that emerged from the congress, including a four-day working week. In addition, Len discusses what should be considered a recognized job, the gender pay gap, automation and workplace happiness. Read the full conversation here.... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics

Chris Snowdon comments in The Daily Express

Chris Snowdon comments in The Daily Express, questioning the justification of the UK's £15m contribution to the WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Reacting to the latest FCT report advising the banning of vaping devises in developing countries, Chris said: “The WHO’s scaremongering stance on e-cigarettes is at odds with the British Government’s evidence-based position. ... Continue reading

Len Shackleton appears on Channel 4

Len Shackleton appears on Channel 4 new last night discussing Further Education funding. Len is clear that the whole area of funding needs to be looked at, including FE. The upcoming review of post-18 education will do so, but must specifically look at the the changing demand of the sector. Within FE, there is a ... Continue reading
Markets and Morality

Philip Booth writes for The Daily Telegraph

In light of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby's recent speed to the Trade Union Congress, Philip Booth offers his thoughts in The Daily Telegraph on the relationship between Christian teaching and free market thinking. 'The market runs all the way through the Bible. Many parables, such as that of the workers in the vineyard, are ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics

Chris Snowdon comments in The Daily Mail

Chris Snowdon comments in The Daily Mail on Public Health England's widening junk food net, as the nanny state continues to grow. The latest plans would classify All-bran, organic fruit yogurts and even orange juice as junk food, a move termed 'puritanical' by Snowdon. Reacting, the Head of Lifestyle economics said: 'The Government has allowed ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics

IEA report features in The Sun

An IEA report, Cheap as Chips, featured in The Sun today. The report argues that contrary to popular belief, a healthy diet is affordable. In fact, the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day can be met for as little as 30 pence. Read the full article here, and the report here.... Continue reading

Chris Snowdon comments in the Sun

Chris Snowdon comments in the Sun  on the NHS Trust's suggestion that Cornish pasties should be made without pastry to cut calories. Reacting to this attack on a 600-year-old fan favourite Chris said: “Make salads and other low-calorie options available by all means, but stop trying to reformulate Britain’s finest foods.” Read the full article ... Continue reading
Economic Theory

Kristien Niemetz writes for CapX

Writing in CapX, Kristien Niemetz considers a new form of egalitarianism that has emerged from the Brexit debate - Bregalitarianism. The Bregalitarian loves to wallow in faux-indignation every time an opponent – which can be a Remainer, but it can also just be a more cautious, less enthusiastic Brexiteer – mentions the possibility that not ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration

Shanker Singham writes for City AM

Writing in City AM, ITCU director Shanker Singham posits that it is time for the Government to reclaim the Brexit prize, as outlined by the Prime Minister in her Lancaster House speech. That prize must include the ability to improve our own domestic economy: by controlling and improving the UK’s regulatory and trading environment, strengthening ... Continue reading