Housing and Planning

Annabel Denham writes for The Telegraph

Annabel Denham, IEA Director of Communications, has written for The Telegraph on the planned Levelling Up Bill announced in the Queen's Speech, which would force commercial landlors to hold rental auctions in properties which have been vacant for upwards of 12 months. Annabel argues that such legislation is ineffective and is in keeping with a ... Continue reading

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

Emily Carver, IEA Head of Media, has written for Conservative Home on the need for government to introduce serious planning reform to deal with the rising price of housing. Emily argues that thus far, the government has cowered to NIMBYism by  reversing plans to make housing more affordable. "There is simply no way the Government ... Continue reading
Housing and Planning

Kristian Niemietz comments for City AM

Kristian Niemietz, IEA Head of Political Economy, has commented for City AM on the need for the government to introduce planning reform to combat the cost of living crisis. “The fact that the references to ‘planning reform’ concerned themselves solely with relatively minor and trivial issues confirms what we already knew: this government has given ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz comments for The Telegraph

Kristian Niemietz, IEA Head of Political Economy, has commented in the Telegraph on Michael Gove's plan to increase social housing in an attempt to remedy the housing crisis. Kristian, however, argues that this plan misses the point and claims that Gove's plan “is not an alternative to the planning reform which Gove has just ditched”.  Kristian ... Continue reading

Matthew Lesh writes for CapX

Matthew Lesh, IEA Head of Public Policy, has written a piece for CapX about Michael Gove's pro-state rhetoric when it comes to levelling up. Matthew argues that it is organic economic development, not state planning, that will boost the performance of the UK's cities. "Why the state should intervene to stop agglomeration effects is unclear, ... Continue reading

Dr Kristian Niemietz writes for The Telegraph

In an op-ed for The Telegraph, IEA Head of Political Economy, Dr Kristian Niemietz, lambasted the governments U-turn on planning reform which would have implemented a rules-based system for planning applications. Kristian argued: "The government has once again caved in to pressure from anti-housing NIMBY obstructionists, and by siding with the NIMBYs again, they have ... Continue reading

Alexander Hammond quoted in Estate Agent Today

IEA Policy Analyst Alexander Hammond was quoted in Estate Agent Today, lambasting stamp duty land tax and calling for it to be scrapped. Alex argued: "Policies such as stamp duty land tax make purchasing a home more expensive and, as it penalises people moving houses, it acts as a disincentive for older people in bigger ... Continue reading
Housing and Planning

Alexander Hammond features in Daily Express

IEA Policy Analyst, Alexander Hammond, featured in a Daily Express article calling for the government to consider axing stamp duty land tax.  Alex argued the tax causes market distortions and increases the cost of a home. Alex said: "Policies such as stamp duty land tax make purchasing a home more expensive and, as it penalises ... Continue reading
Housing and Planning

Christopher Snowdon writes for The Spectator

In an op-ed for The Spectator, IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon commented on how the government's much needed housing reforms are consistently "thwarted by Nimbys and tree hugers". Christopher argued: "Whatever the government does, it must do it now and do it quickly. House price inflation of 10 per cent a year should ... Continue reading

Dr Kristian Niemietz writes for CapX

IEA Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz has welcomed attempts by the government to tackle Britain's housing crisis, but warns "I have heard this too many times to believe a word of it". In an article for CapX, Kristian argued that the government must enact planning reform, despite inevitable  'Not In My Back Yard' ... Continue reading