This week on our podcast, the IEA's Head of Health and Welfare Dr Kristian Niemietz discusses the UK's national treasure- also known as the National Health Service. In the wake of yet another winter crisis, Kristian explains how other countries manage to avoid system shutdowns every year, mainly through the use of market mechanisms that ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
The Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesman and former Minister of Health, sits down with Sam Collins, Policy Advisor to the Director General, to discuss liberalism, the size of the state and individual health budgets.... Continue reading
What is the future of the NHS? As part of our Paragon Initiative, the IEA hosted a panel discussion to look at: The NHS’ ability to adapt to an ageing population with different health needs (and the funding implications of this) Relatively poor outcomes compared to other developed western countries Increasing politicisation of the NHS ... Continue reading
Some public health campaigners consider good health to be irreconcilable with free market capitalism. They regard the pursuit of profit as a major cause of unhealthy consumption and view certain industries as ‘disease vectors’. Accordingly, they support political action which limits commercial speech and restricts product development. One consequence of this ‘neo-prohibitionist’ approach is that ... Continue reading