Energy and Environment

Alexander Hammond writes for Human Progress

IEA Policy Analyst Alexander Hammond has written an article for Human Progress suggesting that economic prosperity is not necessarily  harmful for the environment. Alex argues that although economic growth necessitates some environmental damage, once nations have achieved a certain level of prosperity, they cease to cause as much damage to the environment as they once ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood quoted by the Mail Online

The IEA's Director General Mark Littlewood argued that many of the measures announced by the Prime Minister as part of his 10-point green industrial revolution  "rely on heavy-handed prohibitions – such as the ban on sales of petrol and diesel cars – rather than price incentives" Quoted by the Mail Online, Mark said that "it ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

Mark Littlewood quoted by The Telegraph

The government's pump-priming of the green revolution amounts to "an unsatisfactorily high £48,000 per job created", the IEA's Director General Mark Littlewood told the Telegraph. Mark argued that "tax is really the only lever they need to pull. We need to find a fair price for carbon and then allow the market to find whatever ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews comments on Labour plans

Commenting on the Labour Party’s energy nationalisation proposal, Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs Kate Andrews said: "Nationalising the UK’s energy grid would jeopardise access to basic essentials, stepping back into an era of controlled industrial strategy. "In the 1990s - the decade of liberalisation in the energy market - household electricity bills  ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon comments on plans to expand carrier bag charges to corner shops

Commenting on the Environment Secretary's plans to double carrier bag charges and extend them to smaller shops, the IEA's Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon said: “The exemption for small shops reflected the fact that people don’t tend to take reusable bags with them when they pop into a corner shop. That was a sensible ... Continue reading

IEA releases report on innovation in agriculture

Britain’s agricultural productivity has stagnated at a time when the world needs to double food production to keep up with the growth of the population, according to a new IEA report.  Two papers, written by Matt Ridley and David Hill, set out how innovation in farming can lead to higher crop yields, while also releasing land ... Continue reading

IEA reacts to Theresa May's speech at Conservative Party Conference

Spokespeople from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) respond to the Prime Minister's speech at Conservative Party Conference: On the speech, IEA Director General Mark Littlewood said: "The Prime Minster delivered a robust defence of the benefits of free enterprise, spelling out clearly that nationalisation of industry results in less efficient and more expensive delivery of ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

IEA reacts to Jeremy Corbyn's party conference speech

Spokespeople from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) respond to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s party conference speech. On Jeremy Corbyn's speech, IEA Director General Mark Littlewood said: “Jeremy Corbyn is right to highlight that parts of the establishment have far too much control over Britain’s economy. Westminster’s elite should not be picking winners and ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

IEA releases report on fisheries policy post-Brexit

With Brexit, the UK has the opportunity to regain control over, and develop a modern and successful fisheries policy. Under the Common Fisheries Policy, the British fishing industry has been in decline. These policies have failed to protect fish stocks, frustrated ordinary competitive forces with protectionist subsidies, and stifled innovation and investment in the industry ... Continue reading