On our podcast this week, we're joined by Sophie Sandor, an independent filmmaker and education expert, and Madeline Grant, Editorial Manager at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Interviewed by the IEA's Digital Manager Darren Grimes, Sophie and Madeline take a look at state education in Britain - which currently operates in a near monopoly for ... Continue reading
STREAM the full podcast here. DOWNLOAD the briefing for free here. This year, Saturday November 10th is Equal Pay Day - the day the Fawcett Society calculates that women, on average, essentially start working for free, because of the gender pay gap.  But Office for National Statistics calculated just a few weeks back that the pay ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration
It was almost exactly 200 years ago that David Ricardo first outlined the principle of comparative advantage that helped lay the groundwork for repealing the corn laws here in Britain, and the free-trading consensus that later emerged. But free trade is coming under attack around the world - since the FC especially, tariffs and protectionism ... Continue reading
With power struggles within Parliament dominating the headlines, it’s all too easy to forget the bigger picture of our departure from the EU. Yet, with public consultations opening up about our first bilateral trade agreements, this debate is continuing - though perhaps not getting the attention it deserves. Today we’re joined by Shanker Singham, Director ... Continue reading
fter months of anticipation, Theresa May’s government has finally fleshed out in detail their view of Britain's future relationship with the EU - but what would these proposals really look like in practice? Today we’re joined by members of the IEA’s Trade and International Competition Unit, who give their view of the Chequers proposals and ... Continue reading
The advance of AI and robotics brings many challenges as well as huge opportunities - and public concern about changes in the labour market has been mounting in recent years. But is our pessimism justified? Could we be viewing the AI debate in the wrong way? Today we're joined by Len Shackleton, the IEA’s Editorial ... Continue reading
Today we’re joined by the IEA’s Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte, and Catherine McBride, Senior Economist in the IEA’s International Trade and Competition Unit, who analyse the future of Britain’s financial services post-Brexit. Interviewed by the IEA’s Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair discuss to what extent Brexit will actually affect the vibrancy of Britain’s ... Continue reading
The IEA's Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon explains why banning fast food outlets, as some health bodies are advocating, will do little to reduce obesity. According to Chris's new report, the economic justifications for such a measure would be patchy at best - and extremely damaging to consumer choice. Download the full report here: ... Continue reading
Hastened by sluggish productivity growth, the once unfashionable idea of a centrally planned Industrial Strategy is back on the political agenda in Britain. But will it have the desired effect? Joining us today is the IEA’s Head of Transport Dr Richard Wellings, along with Head of Tech Policy Diego Zuluaga. The pair take a look ... Continue reading