The Institute of Economic Affairs was delighted to host acclaimed US author Professor Bryan Caplan for our 2019 Hayek Memorial Lecture. The acclaimed author of The Myth of the Rational Voter – hailed as ‘the best political book of the year’ by the New York Times – will unveil his latest project, POVERTY – Who’s ... Continue reading
Attendees from THINK 2017 tell us what they thought of last year's Conference! Get your tickets here, and go to to learn more about our timetable and speakers for THINK 2018, which takes place on Saturday 30 June, at the Royal Geographical Society in London.... Continue reading
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP makes the moral case for free markets at Think Tent 2017. Tuesday October 3rd, 2017: How do we make the moral case for free markets? Hosted by: TaxPayers’ Alliance, Think Tent 2017 Speakers: Christian May, Editor, City AM James Cleverly MP John O’Connell, Chief Executive, TaxPayers’ Alliance (Chair) Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Chloe ... Continue reading
Watch Paul Ormerod's introduction to behavioural economics at our THINK 2016 conference! --- What exactly is ‘behavioural economics’ and what are its main insights? Should it lead us to be sceptical of politics and government as well as markets, in fact generally sceptical about claims for rationality and knowledge? How useful is it and can ... Continue reading
Watch the Manhattan Institute's Jared Meyer discuss the sharing economy at THINK 2016! --- What exactly is ‘the sharing economy’ and is that a good name for it? Why has it appeared now? What are its implications for the way we live and work, regulation and government, employment and the structure of business? Are we ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration
Watch Prof Pauline Dixon discuss “The Economics of International Aid” at our 2016 THINK conference! --- Why do we have international aid? On balance is it beneficial or not? How could we make it more effective and what are the traps to avoid? Are there alternatives to aid that are actually more effective? If we ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
Watch our THINK 2016 panel discussion "Europe - What Happens Next?" with Diego Zuluaga, Dr Mikko Arevuo, Yioryos Makedonis, Prof. Philip Booth (Chair). --- This has not been an easy year for Europe – from the troubles in Greece, to the refugee crisis, to the rise in populist groups all across the continent. We have ... Continue reading