The idea of the “Entrepreneurial State” or the “state as investor” has taken off in recent years - following the release of an influential book by economist Mariana Mazzucato. This view that state investment weighs very heavily in economic growth, now forms the basis of contemporary public policy. Our government’s Industrial Strategy effectively proposes that ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
Socialists claim that previous versions of socialism went wrong because of external constraints, or because it happened in the wrong place, or because the wrong people took over, and so on. Fair enough. Let’s do a thought experiment, then, in which we just assume all those factors away. Let’s do a thought experiment of a ... Continue reading
fter months of anticipation, Theresa May’s government has finally fleshed out in detail their view of Britain's future relationship with the EU - but what would these proposals really look like in practice? Today we’re joined by members of the IEA’s Trade and International Competition Unit, who give their view of the Chequers proposals and ... Continue reading
You're listening to Live From Lord North Street, a podcast from the Institute of Economic Affairs. Today we're joined by the IEA’s Director General Mark Littlewood and Research Director Jamie Whyte on the 70th birthday of the National Health Service. Interviewed by News Editor Kate Andrews, they discuss how - despite all the praise around ... Continue reading
Today we're joined by the Advisory Board of our International Trade and Competition Unit, made up of world-renowned experts in trade policy - including Sir Lockwood Smith, John Weekes and Alan Oxley, who join us today, along with ITCU's Director Shanker Singham. Interviewed by the IEA's Madeline Grant, they give us a global view of ... Continue reading