The UK is nearing the end of the initial 3-week lockdown announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but there is no end in sight. Many expect the current restrictions to be extending but there are growing voices clamouring for a relaxation of the rules, arguing the lockdown was an overreaction and is doing unnecessary damage ... Continue reading
Covid-19 is threatening lives and economies across the globe. As the UK government enforces social distancing to slow the spread of the virus, a sharp slowdown in economic activity is not only inevitable but necessary from a public health perspective. Ministers have been charged with the unenviable task of ensuring that hitting pause now does ... Continue reading
INTRODUCING... #IEAsolation! The IEA's thinkers, economists and spokespeople are isolated along with the rest of the country, but that hasn't stopped the classical liberal thoughts and ideas that normally emanate from our office in Westminster! Join us as we react to the weekly madness unleashed by the response to coronavirus. In thinking about how Westminster ... Continue reading
As humans have spread across the world, so have infectious diseases. Even in this modern era, outbreaks are nearly constant, though not every outbreak reaches pandemic level as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has. Epidemiologists, the scientists who track the incidents and spread of diseases are always on the lookout for the next big outbreak, but predicting ... Continue reading
Renowned author Matt Ridley gave 2018's Hayek Memorial Lecture. Matt’s books – which include The Rational Optimist and The Evolution of Everything – have sold over a million copies and been translated into 31 languages. His TED talk “When Ideas Have Sex” has been viewed more than two million times. During his distinguished career, he’s ... Continue reading
On our podcast this week, we're joined by Sophie Sandor, an independent filmmaker and education expert, and Madeline Grant, Editorial Manager at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Interviewed by the IEA's Digital Manager Darren Grimes, Sophie and Madeline take a look at state education in Britain - which currently operates in a near monopoly for ... Continue reading
The idea of the “Entrepreneurial State” or the “state as investor” has taken off in recent years - following the release of an influential book by economist Mariana Mazzucato. This view that state investment weighs very heavily in economic growth, now forms the basis of contemporary public policy. Our government’s Industrial Strategy effectively proposes that ... Continue reading