As we get beyond both Brexit and Covid - issues which have dominated political attention for much of the last decade - future policy direction is one of the most important questions facing the Conservative Party. That is where we come in. The Free Market Forum aims to incubate and promote ideas to make Britain ... Continue reading
Joe Perkins is a Senior Vice President and Head of Research at Compass Lexecon based in London. In his capacity as Head of Research, Joe leads a team of professionals with deep expertise in economic theory, financial economics, economic policy, and data science. Joe previously worked as Chief Economist at British energy regulator Ofgem, where ... Continue reading
Markets and Morality is back with a new host, Director of EPICENTER Adam Bartha. Adam is joined by the CEO and founder of Jada Consulting and Director of "Tecnologias Disruptivas" science TV show, Julio Alexander and IEA economist, Julian Jessop. In this episode, they discuss cryptocurrencies and whether they should become legal tender.... Continue reading
In this LwL short, taken from last week's USA Special, Mark Littlewood, Jon Caldara and Antonella Marty discuss Biden's presidency so far and whether America is now immune to populism. This clip is part of a Live with Littlewood episode. If you enjoyed this clip, check out the full video here: Continue reading
Professor Nazzini joined King's College London as Professor of Law in 2012. Previously, he was Professor of Competition Law and Arbitration at the University of Southampton, which he joined from the Office of Fair Trading, then the UK competition authority (now the Competition and Markets Authority), where he was Deputy Director of the Legal and ... Continue reading
Michael Grenfell is the Executive Director, Enforcement, at the Competition and Markets Authority where he is responsible for leading the CMA’s enforcement work on Competition Act cases, criminal cartels and consumer enforcement, to provide value to markets and consumers providing strong, visible and dynamic leadership of the CMA’s enforcement work. This is a recording of ... Continue reading
Some say free speech has taken a hammering in recent years. Online, on university campuses, and in advertising, the voices of censorship seem to grow ever louder. But does this reflect the reality? And how can free speech advocates defend the rights to speak, offend, and oppose, from those who set out to silence criticism, ... Continue reading
On tonight's show, Mark will be joined by: Patrick Christys -  @GBNews  Presenter Emily Carver - Head of Media, IEA Danielle Boxall - Media Campaign Manager, TaxPayers' Alliance Andrew Lilico - Economist John Macdonald - Director of Strategy, Adam Smith Institute They'll be talking about: 1. MP Sleaze Scandal 2. COVID-19 and Dodgy Statistics 3. ... Continue reading