As the march towards a "circuit breaker" gathers pace, we'll be examining the economic consequences of tighter restrictions. Has the government put health before wealth? Or is a successful economic strategy one that suppresses the virus and vice versa? With Conservative activist Darren Grimes facing investigation, we'll be asking: Should journalists, podcasters and presenters be held responsible ... Continue reading
A new briefing paper from Professor Len Shackleton outlines the shape of the UK labour market prior to and during the Coronavirus crisis, analyses the efficacy of government schemes to save or "create" jobs, and identifies ways in which we can boost employment once this pandemic has passed. This short explainer runs through the main ... Continue reading
IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon speaks to Wetherspoon pubs founder Tim Martin about the impact Covid restrictions are having on the the pub industry and the prospect of further Government closures. The IEA has recently released a short briefing paper by Christopher Snowdon examining the impact of Covid-19 measures on the pub industry. ... Continue reading
As we march slowly towards a second national lockdown, Julian Jessop and Sam Bowman explore and discuss the tightening of restrictions and their impact on the UK economy. Are local restrictions doing enough to stem Covid's spread? Can businesses, not least those in hospitality, withstand another lockdown? And is it helpful to frame this debate ... Continue reading
The UK’s top free market debate show, hosted by IEA Director General Mark Littlewood. On the panel: Kate Andrews - Economics Correspondent, The Spectator Ben Bradley - Conservative MP for Mansfield Stephen Bush - Political Editor, New Statesman John O'Connell - Chief Executive, The Taxpayers' Alliance James Price - President-elect, Oxford Union Sammy Wilson - ... Continue reading
Already before the coronavirus, the public were losing faith in our state broadcasters. Now, with streaming services booming and multiple BBC bungles, public broadcasters are fighting for their lives. Can and should the BBC and Channel 4 survive in 21st century Britain, and what changes do they need to make? Speakers: Martin Durkin, CEO of ... Continue reading
In the months since Brexit, the British government has moved assertively to demonstrate its commitment to free trade. The UK recently announced an agreement in principle for a free trade agreement with Japan, and it has negotiated a wide range of continuity agreements with existing trading partners. But the UK’s most significant negotiating partner as ... Continue reading
A carbon tax has long been a point of contention for many who support free markets. Could it be freedom’s answer to climate change, or are its costs too onerous on consumers and businesses? This panel will debate whether such a tax could be implemented, and the likely changes would be needed in our economy ... Continue reading