The long running trade dispute between Airbus and Boeing has far wider reaching implications than some might expect. The tussle between the world’s two largest manufacturers of commercial aircraft also has an impact on the price of other goods including British goods such as bed linen, luxury clothing, biscuits, whisky and other alcoholic tipples. Why? ... Continue reading
The UK government is enacting a strategy of localised lockdowns, targeting specific areas where cases have spiked. These were first introduced in Leicester and now cover large areas of the North West. The intention is that this will prevent a ‘second wave’ of the virus. But are these likely to prove effective? And has the ... Continue reading
‘School of Thought’ is the IEA discussion series based on ‘101 Great Liberal Thinkers’ by Dr Eamonn Butler. Each week, Syed Kamall discusses classical liberalism’s role in bringing the modern world into existence, profiling the lives and ideas of some of the leading thinkers on individual liberty and examining their relevance today. In this week’s ... Continue reading
The IEA is delighted to host a virtual panel discussion on the topic of “Balancing Risk and Wellbeing – Lessons from the Pandemic”. This webinar discussion will be chaired by the IEA’s Head of Lifestyle Economics, Chris Snowdon. The coronavirus pandemic has raised uncomfortable questions about the trade-off between health and wealth. Lockdowns and social ... Continue reading
Should the UK government be giving £50 towards bike repairs? Do the new obesity measures amount to anything more than needless nanny statism? According to the EY ITEM Club’s summer forecast the UK’s GDP is now expected to contract by 11.5% this year. What does this mean for the V-shaped recovery? Are we at risk ... Continue reading
A new publication from the Institute of Economic Affairs, by Dr Nima Sanandaji, examines the lessons Western nations could learn from some developing countries in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. Health systems in Western countries are “plagued by inefficiency and productivity growth”: in adopting a new approach they could cut costs, increase quality, and ... Continue reading
At a time when millions of people are likely to become unemployed and some sectors will change forever, there has never been more need for a highly skilled workforce who can adapt to changes in the jobs market. With the Chancellor announcing a jobs guarantee for 16-24 year olds, incentives for employers to retain and ... Continue reading
This week will mark a year since the Boris Johnson first entered Downing Street. Since then, he has won an election, implemented the Withdrawal Agreement, shut down the nation, brushed with death, and faced criticism over aspects of this government's handling of the Covid pandemic. Tensions with China are mounting and now, a report from ... Continue reading
The IEA Book Club is delighted to host renowned author, Matt Ridley, who will be discussing his latest book “How Innovation Works” with our Academic and Research Director Professor Syed Kamall. Matt argues that we need to see innovation as an incremental, bottom-up, fortuitous process that happens as a direct result of the human habit ... Continue reading