Marc Glendenning (Head of Cultural Affairs, IEA) sits down with Dennis Hayes to discuss Dennis's chapter in the IEA's new book 'Having Your Say'. Dennis's chapter focuses on how trade unions have forgotten about free speech. You can read Having Your Say here - Trade unions, in the past among the fiercest proponents of ... Continue reading
Professor Len Shackleton (Research and Editorial Fellow, IEA) sits down with Dr Nick Cowen to discuss Nick's chapter in the IEA's new book 'Having Your Say'. Nick's chapter focuses on tolerating extreme speech. You can read Having Your Say here - Nick is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences ... Continue reading
Ruth Kelly is a former Labour Member of Parliament, serving as an MP for Bolton West from 1997 – 2010. She has served as the Secretary of State for Transport, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Minister for Women and Equality, and Secretary of State for Education and Skills, serving under both Gordon ... Continue reading
The Institute of Economic Affairs is delighted to host the Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, Conservative Member of Parliament for Portsmouth North, for the latest in our In Conversation series with senior figures in public life. This webinar will take place on Monday 2nd August from 18:00 – 19:00 BST, and will be chaired by ... Continue reading
Graham Stringer is the Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton, and has been an MP continuously since 1 May 1997. Parallax Views is a new series of YouTube conversations between Marc Glendening (Head of Cultural Affairs, IEA) and individuals involved with and interested in the various Culture War issues now taking centre stage in British ... Continue reading
In the latest episode of the IEA Podcast, Kieran Neild-Ali, Communications and Marketing Assistant at the IEA, sat down with Head of Cultural Affairs, Marc Glendening, to discuss the Frankfurt School- giving listeners a beginner's guide to an important canon of thought which has greatly influenced the culture war we see today. They explain the ... Continue reading
Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) received yet another shot in the arm after the Bank of England (BoE) and the Treasury launched a taskforce to look into a potential digital currency for Britain, nicknamed “Britcoin”. This comes at a time when many central banks around the world are becoming increasingly concerned at the speed at ... Continue reading
How does culture shape political power? Many Conservatives now fear that victory at the ballot box is not enough. Despite Boris Johnson’s triumph in the 2019 election, they sense that a larger cultural battle has been lost. Some accuse the left of mounting a secret, slow-motion takeover, inspired by the ideas of the Italian communist ... Continue reading
In this episode, Chris sits down (IN PERSON!) with Kristian Niemietz. They discuss Kristian's latest paper 'Left Turn Ahead' which analyses young people's attitudes to capitalism, free markets and socialism...and beer! You can read Left Turn Ahead here - Continue reading