FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Responding to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden MP's suggestion that Channel 4 could be privatised in less than three years, Professor Philip Booth, Senior Academic Fellow at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: "The concept of public service broadcasting as a special category that should be supported by the ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics

Christopher Snowdon writes for CapX

In an op-ed for CapX, IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics and author of the Nanny State Index 2021, Christopher Snowdon, said his latest research shows an "unmitigated downward spiral" towards statism. Christopher said: "The most nannying countries do not have longer life expectancies, lower smoking rates, less obesity or fewer alcohol-related deaths than the ones ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics

IEA research featured in The Telegraph

The Telegraph has reported the annual IEA research paper The Nanny State Index 2021, authored by Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon, which ranks thirty European nations in terms of their regulation of lifestyle activities like drinking and smoking. The list establishes the most 'nannying' nations and the countries which give the greatest freedom to ... Continue reading

Dr Richard Wellings quoted in the Telegraph

Responding to the news that HS2 legislation failed to mention the construction of phase 2b, the line from Birmingham to Leeds, IEA Head of Transport Dr Richard Wellings was quoted in the Telegraph saying: "The whole HS2 scheme is essentially a vanity project which makes no sense from an economic perspective and the eastern leg ... Continue reading
Governments are increasingly adopting higher sin taxes and more prohibitions, finds the 2021 Nanny State Index Across Europe, opportunistic paternalists have used the pandemic to impose measures they had hitherto only been able to dream about. According to the latest Epicenter Nanny State Index, which tracks lifestyle regulation in 30 European nations, the outlook is “bleak”. ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration

Julian Jessop quoted in the Telegraph

The pessimism surrounding the UK's departure from the EU was unjustified, says Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph. As the UK economy bounces back strongly from the pandemic, defying gloomy predictions by the OECD and the IMF, and managing to reach pre-Brexit export levels to the EU, the EU instead has begun to lose its share ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration

Julian Jessop quoted in the Telegraph

Data from the ONS suggests trade between the UK and EU is back to pre-Brexit levels with exports to Europe jumping dramatically in March. IEA Economics Fellow Julian Jessop commented on the news in the Telegraph, saying: "we haven't seen the sort of long weakness in trade that some people had feared". Read the full ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions

Emma Revell writes for 1828

In an opinion piece for 1828, IEA Head of Public Affairs Emma Revell said that the government's plan to make voters present ID at polling stations to prevent voter fraud was like "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut". Emma argued: "There are weaknesses in the UK’s electoral system but time and again the government ... Continue reading
Commenting on the latest GDP and trade data from the Office for National Statistics, Julian Jessop, Economics Fellow at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:  "Today’s data were encouraging. Although the economy shrank in the first quarter, the decline in GDP was less than most had expected and growth bounced back ... Continue reading