It seems the likelihood of leaving the EU with no deal is increasing — in fact it’s now 60 per cent, according to Trade Minister Liam Fox. Also on the up in recent weeks has been the proliferation of apocalyptic scenarios about what this might mean. Planes won’t fly, we’re told, there will be shortages ... Continue reading
With power struggles within Parliament dominating the headlines, it’s all too easy to forget the bigger picture of our departure from the EU. Yet, with public consultations opening up about our first bilateral trade agreements, this debate is continuing - though perhaps not getting the attention it deserves. Today we’re joined by Shanker Singham, Director ... Continue reading
Today we’re joined by the IEA’s Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte, and Catherine McBride, Senior Economist in the IEA’s International Trade and Competition Unit, who analyse the future of Britain’s financial services post-Brexit. Interviewed by the IEA’s Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair discuss to what extent Brexit will actually affect the vibrancy of Britain’s ... Continue reading
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Exactly one year from today, Britain will officially quit the EU. But what do we know so far, and what happens next? Today joined by Julian Jessop, Head of the IEA's Brexit Unit, and Shanker Singham, Director of the IEA’s new International Trade and Competition Unit. Interviewed by Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair answer some of ... Continue reading
The question of whether Britain should stay in the EU’s customs union has dominated the news cycle recently - with the CBI and other high profile voices suggesting that remaining in the Customs Union would be consistent with Britain’s vote to Leave the EU. But would this be a political possibility? And would it be ... Continue reading
Julian Jessop, the IEA's Chief Economist and Head of the Brexit Unit, explains what unilateral free trade is, and how it could benefit UK consumers and Third World producers alike. For more on the advantages of truly open markets, read the IEA briefing, 'The case for free trade’: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
After months of talks, EU and UK negotiators have finally reached an agreement on Phase 1 of the Brexit talks, to begin trade talks in the New Year. But just how binding is all of this? IEA Chief Economist and Head of the Brexit Unit Julian Jessop, and Digital Officer Madeline Grant discuss the outstanding ... Continue reading
What impact will Brexit have on British aviation and our ability to travel? That's a question that's been on many peoples' lips recently, following warnings from the boss of Ryanair and other key industry figures, that flights between the UK and the EU could be grounded for months unless replacements for EU airline agreements are ... Continue reading
Today you'll hear an update from our Brexit Unit, led by Chief Economist Julian Jessop.    Julian and Digital Officer Madeline Grant give the latest updates from the negotiations currently underway in Brussels, and discuss what sum - if any - Britain will be likely to pay in a so-called "Brexit Bill". Julian goes through some of the ... Continue reading