3 thoughts on “Calm down, Guardian: the NHS is (still) not being privatised”

  1. Posted 26/07/2019 at 16:59 | Permalink

    I suspect that the patients in NHS hospitals are fed with privately produced food. To my knowledge, the NHS does not own or run farms that supply food to patients. Does it have plans to do so?

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    business is changing and becoming more challenging so the NHS using part of their budget to support what they are trying to achieve why not unless they start to own their own and operate farms and supply food ; )

    I’d like to know and nobody has published is how the £9.2b budget is being used for private providers and is there a private company that gets the lions share

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    I presume that the patients in NHS medical clinics are taken care of with secretly created nourishment. As far as anyone is concerned, the NHS doesn’t claim or run cultivates that supply nourishment to patients.

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