2 thoughts on “Britain’s original pandemic sin”

  1. Posted 16/08/2020 at 19:10 | Permalink

    We got here by having a lying greedy semi-facist thug (Trump) & and a permanenlty bullshitting windbag (BoZo the clown) in charge.
    BOTH countries had pandemic-handling systems that were either scrapped or abandoned (USA / GB )

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    This article misses the role scientist advisers had on policy response . The UK government was following the advice of it’s scientific committee (SAGE) which badly advised and misunderstood the threat (as the inevitable inquiry will show). The fundamental mistake was a western arrogance that things were under control here and ‘no need to overreact’. In reality, there was a complete absence of data coming in to SAGE to the extent that by the end of February Public Health England were messing around contract tracing some skiers whilst 100,000s were getting infected in London unbeknown to everyone.

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