1 thought on “Britain should follow the example of North America and say, “Yes we cannabis!””

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    The IEA and its ideological partner in the Cannabis legalisation debate, the Adam Smith Institute, both fail to mention the existing and expensive health consequences of cannabis use (100os of Hospital admissions and ER contacts) nor do they mention the developing science on Cannabis Teratogenesis & Epigentic effects).

    The last time a known Teratogen was widely promoted it was Thalidomide. We all know how that turned out. The NHS Wales warning about Cannabis and Gastroschisis followed an outbreak in South Wales. There have been similar increases associated with high cannabis use in Hawaii and Nunavik Regions of Canada.

    Thre is no overall “Public Good ” from normalising/legalising a harmful substance like Cannabis, or any other illegal drug for that matter, despite the millions of dollars poured into the effort to do so by big business.

    Cannabis consumption is contained to about 6 to 7% of the UK population.

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