2 thoughts on “Brexit, Parliamentary activism & the “ticking bomb” dilemma”

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    the UK is a divided country thanks to the referendum. Elections are normally held every 4 years as peoples opinions change. The majority to leave was small and some say youngsters whose future matter; with those from 16 being allowed to vote; but those over 65 not allowed to do so – with this it was predicted that the outcome would have been to remain. If a company is going to make a takeover of another company there is usually a pro-forma account for both with and without the takeover. BREXIT WAS BADLY HANDLED and there should have never been a Referendum presented without facts and in the form that it was

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    The ticking timebomb analogy applies with equal force to both sides. Followers of the Leave religion believe just as devoutly in, among other things, the primacy of our Parliament. Yet here they are trying everything they can to sidestep it, like a torturer doing his dirty work so as to protect our human rights.

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