3 thoughts on “Brexit and pharmaceuticals – separating fear from reality”

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    “If the UK were to continue to recognise EEA MAs, whilst also making improvements to our national system and working with regulators in other jurisdictions like China, Japan and Australia, to speed up authorisations, as suggested by Sir Michael Rawlins in his evidence to the HOC Health and Social Care Committee, this could mean the UK will benefit from more medicines being available more quickly”

    So the UK would rely on other countries to make the decisions over what drugs are licensed, without any input into the regulatory system?
    That is what I call TAKING BACK CONTROL. Oh no… Wait…..

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    Marc, I’m not correlating co-op with other states meaning a loss of control. In fact the central tenet of the document is how, having control, we could unilaterally completely eliminate tariffs on this sector, given it has apparently limited impact on industry protection.

    By the way, writing in capitals doesn’t strengthen your argument.

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    Manufacture in the UK.
    Simple really.
    Just seen a minor wound spray by Elastoplast made in Germany. Come on, surely we can do better than this.

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