1 thought on “Book Review: The Coddling of the American Mind”

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    “Depression, suicide and psychological disorders among young people” have been rising for decades, so blaming it on ‘social’ media is not accurate, although this can no doubt contribute to the overall feelings of worthlessness which the nihilism of political correctness and the resulting loss of contact with the Divine is inflicting. The rot was beginning to set in during the 50s and accelerated at pace from the 60s onwards.

    Suicide, crime and other social ills have worsened all across the West as church attendance has declined. The elephant in the room is that faith has largely evaporated and when people don’t have sensible, rational boundaries, they naturally go off the rails.

    The reason that snowflakes exist is because their worldview is built upon nothing and any rational debate must be silenced or they are forced to face the void, so they become irrational and angry or even violent as means of being able to exist in their delusional false reality.

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