1 thought on “Oxfam’s global inequality statistics: don’t believe the anti-capitalist hype”

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    Of course, Oxfam are merely stating what any decent human being would. The levels of inequality in our World are obscene, and that our economic system is skewed against the interests of the vast majority of people. Where they go wrong is blaming Capitalism, and thinking simply ramping up our existing tax systems will solve the problem. In step the Faux-Libs, like Ryan Bourne, in denial anything is wrong, and pointing out, quite correctly, that Socialism may well reduce relative inequality, at the expense of increasing absolute poverty. The answer to this, as with all economic problems, lies in fundamental property rights. Protected rights in both Land and intellectual property are monopolistic, and overwhelmingly concentrated in the top 1%. Its how most of them got rich, and how they all stay rich. We do not have Capitalism, rather an evolved and democratised form of Feudalism. This can only be ended by sharing Land rents equally, radically overhauling patent laws, and eliminating all taxes on income and wealth. Leading to optimal economic growth, reduced absolute poverty and relative inequality. Luckily for the feudal elite, they have Socialists as opposition, and plenty of willing idiots to defend them.

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