2 thoughts on “No need to raise VAT – there is a source of cuts to dent the deficit and benefit us all”

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    I seem to remember that when Ralph Harris joined the House of Lords, he teamed up with a (cross-bench) group that tried to bring in a rule that if the government wanted to bring in a new law, it had to repeal an old one.

    Could one apply a similar approach to traffic lights? If a local council (or whoever is responsible in any area) wanted to install a new set of traffic lights, why not require them to withdraw at least one existing set? (This thought first occurred to me in connection with accounting standards; but I’m now more revolutionary on that topic!)

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    Part of the reason for the explosion of traffic controls in recent years has been the availability to local authorities of central government funding for traffic calming and other forms of ‘road safety schemes’. This area of the transport budget could easily be cut.

    More anecdotallly, on every occasion when I have driven through busy junctions when the traffic lights have not been working I have noticed that the usual congestion has disappeared. Martin is quite right that the majority of controls should be removed.

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