3 thoughts on “Hysterical Keynesians need to ditch the hyperbole if they don’t want to be ignored”

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    I suppose it should be no surprise that economists whose owe their living to their governments should endevour to continue to supply advice that the governments want to hear.

    Osborne is doing battle with his Keynesian economists at the Treasury who overwhelm the advice given in total and the agenda no doubt is to derail him.

    Lets hope they do not succeed

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    Unfortunately, the central bankers of the world currently believe hubristically that they can fine tune the worlds economy and that they are correct in not trusting the markets to find appropriate pricing. By controlling the price of the most important commodity, money, they are creating problems down the road of an existential type.

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    The Conservatives came to (almost) power in 2010 on the back of their “Labour’s mismanagement of the economy” mantra. On that basis they will lose power if they too “mismanage” the economy, having brought that debate to the voters.

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