Peter Ainsworth

Peter Ainsworth is the Managing Director of Consulting AM, a consulting firm that assists for-profit and not-for-profit firms with the management of business and investment risk in all their manifestations. Previously, he founded and headed EM Applications, an investment risk software business, he worked for Investec Asset Management as Head of Product Development and for Drexel Burnham Lambert as Manager of Quantitative Marketing. His interest in the problem of how to encourage training by corporations and pay for a university education was first sparked by a 1994 article in The Economist, which published his letter response. In 2010, at the request of the Russell Group, that letter became a paper setting out the Funding with Affordable Income-based Repayments (FAIR) funding system and, in 2014, the IEA’s Discussion Paper: ‘Universities Challenged: The Free Market Graduate Tax’. Peter has a BA in Economics from the University of Cambridge.

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