2 thoughts on “An alternative history: REAL socialism is being tried. A drama in 10 acts (Part 2)”

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    “In the future, the people will plan the economy, and the people will own the country’s productive assets.”
    That’s Capitalism isn’t it?

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    There really needs to be a full-on assault on Socialism/Communism. (this is a good start)
    We have in the U.K., waiting in the wings, a potential Prime minister who is quite happy to wrap himself in the Flag of international Communism, a flag drenched in the blood of over 100 million deaths.
    Jeremy Corbyn BTW was the man who tweeted in 2014;
    “Chavez has shown us there is a better way than austerity”
    There’s so little food on the shelves in Venezuela now that they are eating Flamingos.

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