9 thoughts on “An alternative history: REAL socialism is being tried. A drama in 10 acts (Part 1)”

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    Boring, German problem, why should we be bothered about Angst, angst, Angst constantly replayed.
    You have been a menace and a disaster for the rest of Europe for the last 150 years.
    Go and commit suicide, please, quick, every last one of you.

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    What an unconstructive comment that is, by Marianne above. For me, it would be intruiging to see how Kristian’s alternative history develops, and I want to know.

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    “Socialism hasn’t ‘failed’ – it hasn’t been tried yet”

    been tried … failed at every turn even where virtually unlimited resources are available (see current day Venezuela for details). socialism is a mental disorder that really needs curing.

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    Well done, Marianne. Succinctly put.

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    Marianne, Ariadaeus –
    you think the last 150 years were bad?
    Those were the good years. You ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Dieses war der erste Streich,
    doch der zweite folgt sogleich.

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    Socialism has been tried, it has been tested to destruction – that of the 100s of millions of people murdered by it. It is an ignorant ‘theory’ promoted by ignoramuses at the behest of psychopathic megalomaniacal monsters.

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    Mr Niemietz,

    “you think the last 150 years were bad?
    Those were the good years. You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

    Yes, we are all perfectly aware that our societies and cultures are being destroyed.
    Haven’t neoliberalism, globalisation and the EU been a riproaring societal success?
    For the people of Europe, I mean, not for those who have done very well out of it.

    The good people of the DDR would today perhaps be gazing with disbelief at what was
    going on west of the Wall and wanting it to be built even higher to keep them safe.
    That would be nothing to do with socialism or whatever system was operating in the East,
    simply a commonsense wish to keep their own socisty and culture.

    Shock, horror, yes, I am an anti-neoliberal, an anti-globalist and I wish for the destruction of the EU.
    Proudly so…..and I know that history will be on the side of people like me.

    Suerte, la vamos necesitar, todos y todas!

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    When you read a comment that ends with ‘go and commit suicide’ you have to wonder at the mental health of such people. It’s revolting, vile, thoroughly evil to suggest such simply because you are frightened of being shown to be a fool.

    To have someone else agree with it! Cripes. For the rational mind it’s truly shocking. Socialism has not, and never will work. People like Marianne can’t seem to accept this and never learn.

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    Your concern for my mental health is much appreciated but really not necessary.
    The comments I made and their context are comprehensible to others but are
    obviously beyond your rather limited and simplistic “reasoning” ability.

    What a happy state of self-delusion yours must be.

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