2 thoughts on “Abolish drug prescription requirements, and allow patients to self-medicate”

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    There’s a price element here which goes unmentioned. I’m always going to get my insulin from the NHS on scrip, cos it’s free. Thhe same insulin pack costs £30 in the UK, £20 in India and up to 700 dollars in the US. Lots of drugs cost up to hundreds of times more in the US and prescriptions are part of the control mechanism.

    Good article, sensible suggestions.

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    This well argued blog was summarised in Money Week. There may be reasons for not abolishing prescriptions in some of the medicine categories mentioned, especially in a system such as the NHS where people have free or subsidised access to medicine at the point of demand. It could be an option to have a category of medicines that are pre-approved for self prescription, using an online system to record the request and issue the prescription immediately. This is partly the case in repeat prescription ordering, though there is still a delay while the GP has to approve the request. It wouldn’t be a stretch to make this a more responsive system.

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