2 thoughts on “A Universal Basic Income (UBI): a price worth paying to cut regulations?”

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    This is such a bad idea!
    UBI would empower the state giving it enormous power over our lives which would inevitably increase as time went on.
    Presently we witness the State failing in most areas it is involved, from the NHS to Charities to Rail, I could go on
    The primacy of the state would be enshrined forever – we would in effect be a totalitarian state – our values and our independence destroyed

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    this idea should not get out of the starting gates. It would require a huge increase in taxes to finance it and you simply replace one set of disincentives (withdrawal rates) with another (high taxes). You cannot find rich people and take money off them to give to poor people without that being a problem unless you reduce the extent of redistribution. Also, this essentially drives a bus through the family which is why the left and some hyper-individualistic libertarians like it – it replaces the family with the state (a risk some libertarians are willing to take to promote an odd type of individualism). The family is the primary vehicle for redistributing income (between parents and children, sometimes old and younger and between spouses or partners). This replaces that function by finding individuals within the family who currently receive money from others in the family and having the state give them money instead. So, people in rich families who do not have personal income receive money from the state thus increasing costs further. The obvious thing to do is to integrate tax and benefits (through a negative income tax) with both levied at the household level, thus removing the current discrimination against family formation.

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