2 thoughts on “A Tory renationalisation?”

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    Yes, the railways seem to be incredibly expensive for the taxpayer. Net debts of network rail reached £54billions last year. Because so much work is done at night or weekends the general public do not fully appreceiate how expensive it is to operate a complex rail system like that in the UK. I ventured onto the railways this week to find a gang replacing the station lighting system with LED which involved new cabling and ducting (with its embedded carbon). Next main station down the line, at 9.30 am on a sunny morning, the LED lights along the open platforms were burning brightly! This station has also got a new supernumerary in the shape of a ‘Trespass Officer’ who loiters the platform in his highviz jacket, but apparently doing nothing else! I could go on…

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    “an army of Whitehall pen pushers deciding the colour of the vestibule doors”

    Wrong. They’ll contract the decision on door colours out to ‘rolling stock design consultants’.

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