2 thoughts on “A clutch of taxes deserve to be abolished”

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    “…limited local fuel duties would be acceptable to cover the cost to others of congestion, the impact on the local environment and the cost of road building and maintenance. However, current fuel duty rates are at least double reasonable estimates for these factors, and the combined rate should fall accordingly.”

    I doubt whether this is true but even if it is, it completely ignores the issue of the huge asset value of the roads. Why should those that use them more than others not pay an effective rent for this use, based on a return on the (commonly owned) asset value? After all, when you rent a house you don’t just pay enough to cover the costs of house building and maintenance – the landlord wants a return on the asset value as well.

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    Why tax wealth creation at all?

    The current rental value of Land in the UK is depressed by taxes on output. A shift of taxation from income, capital and transactions onto a 100% LVT gives us the possibility of a system that is simple, flat, fair and efficient.

    A bigger economy from which the proceeds are more evenly distributed.

    The best illustration of how the first step to this can be achieved can found by downloading the YPPUK Tax Comparison App at Google Play.

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