5 thoughts on “93% of junior doctors would back “complete privatisation” of the NHS, if it meant “substantially” increased salaries”

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    Being big into research and all, could you please link to the original poll question and sampling so we can judge is validity?

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    You are using the S*n as your source, on a “survey” by “a medic in Hull” that is not even linked to within the article on the S*n.

    And somehow you call yourselves an institute? Did you award that to yourselves, or just make it up… like the “survey” by the S*n?

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    No Facts, a secret survey? No data? No real source, and the Sun. Elvis is on the moon.

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    To paraphrase you, the right does this: leaps on tenuous “data” and makes bold, intentionally divisive statements supposedly based on that data. No bias there, then! Lol!

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    Ah, the famous right wing taste for open discussion & engagement with complex and difficult ideas I have heard so much about, playing out in the comments section! Many thanks for addressing the comments in such an exhaustive and eloquent manner /s.

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